Services We Offer


Functional Fitness: A class for all levels of athletes. The Functional Fitness class is designed for increased performance in both everyday activities such as picking a box up off the floor, or sport competition such as picking up another human and taking them down! Though you won’t be actually wrestling anyone during class, after a couple weeks of this training, you’ll feel more than capable.

Private One-On-One Training: Let one of our professional coaches tailor workouts based on your personal fitness goals.  Please Contact Us for more info.

Private Group Classes: For groups of 2-10. Perfect for team sports athletes getting ready for the upcoming season or tournament. Please Contact Us for more info.

Corporate Training: For groups of 2-20. Want to increase productivity, focus, and the overall health of your employees or coworkers? Our coaches will not only provide a great workout, they’ll also promote team building via partner-based exercises! Please Contact Us for more info.